Here are some simple terms and conditions we would kindly ask you to follow so you know to expect from our automatic driving school. We have these in place in order to give everyone a quality value experience.

  1. On your very first lesson with your instructor you should bring your provisional driving licence if your learning to drive, or if you are already qualified you should bring your full driving licence.
  2. You must be the above the minimum age for learning to drive which is normally 17 years of age.
  3. For safety, suitable clothing and footwear should be worn when driving.
  4. You must meet the minimum distance eyesight check requirement whenever you drive with your instructor.
  5. All driving lesson payments must be paid at the beginning of each session unless you have already have lessons available with a block booking.
  6. 48 hour cancellation policy applies to all booked lessons. For whatever reason you are unable to make an appointment at the scheduled time please contact your instructor by telephone in good time. Late cancellations within 48 hours may mean you’ll be charged for the duration that lesson.
  7. The lessons will not go ahead if your instructor believes that a pupil is not safe to drive. This could be either due to alcohol, drugs or medicine. In this cases like these, the pupil could be responsible for paying for the lesson.
  8. The use of the driving school car for taking a driving test will only be permitted if a pupil is at a good safe standard for the driving test.
  9. If any lesson cancellations are frequent by a pupil, your instructor has the right to terminate any future lessons and offer the space to another pupil.
  10. A the end of each lessons your instructor will keep a record of your progress.
  11. Your instructor and their car will be well presented, clean and tidy.
  12. Any abusive or violent acts will not be tolerated either towards your instructor or any other road users. In these cases a pupils training will be terminated immediately with payment required.
  13. Your instructor has the right to postpone a lesson in cases of bad weather, traffic hold ups, vehicle problems or illness.