SD Automatic Driving School can give you automatic car refresher driving lessons to make you a better or more confident driver. Get expert guidance from our automatic driving instructors in Sheffield.

All our refresher driving lessons in Sheffield are taught on a one to one basis and given to people who already have a full driving licence. These lessons will be tailored by your instructor to meet your requirements. They will also give you guidance on any other aspect that they feel need improvement.

Refresher automatic lessons can be taken on a 2 hourly basis at a cost of £33 per hour.

Why are refresher lessons useful?

There are various reasons why people take a course of refresher lessons. It can serve as a confidence booster or learn new skills during your driving tuition. Automatic car refresher lessons can also include driving on motorways or at night.

If you’ve not driven a car in a while and feel that you need to build driving confidence, you could really find a few hours of extra tuition helpful. If you’ve been involved in an accident we can show you how to be a more defensive driver to help avoid having another one. If you’re new to Sheffield or looking to update your driving skills and tackle range of complex junctions or roundabouts around the Sheffield area, we are instructors ready to help you.

We help people to :

  • Become better and safer drivers.
  • Build confidence driving an automatic car.
  • Enhance driving skills.
  • Avoid having an accident on the road in the future.

Getting started with a refresher course

To speak to us about your options or to book a refresher lesson, please get in touch with us. We here to help you drive better, safe and with confidence.