Learning how to drive on motorways safely is for many people an essential part of driving a car. Once you’ve passed your driving test a course of motorway driving lessons in an automatic car can be highly beneficial.

Why take automatic car motorway driving lessons in Sheffield?

motorway driving lessons Sheffield automatic car

There are many people who find going on the motorway to drive a daunting experience especially when it’s busy. However, once drivers have gained the key skills of dealing with motorway around Sheffield, many of them find they are able to deal with these roads both better and confidently.

Your automatic car instructor will be at hand to give you all the support you need behind the wheel. They’ll give you expert advice on how to drive on them correctly and you’ll be able to gain valuable experience in a safe patient environment.

Motorway driving lessons in Sheffield covering topics such as :-

  • Using a slip road to enter a motorway and exiting it safely.
  • The use of speed on motorways.
  • Keeping safe distances.
  • Changing lanes and overtaking.
  • Dealing with other vehicles.
  • Signs and road markings on the motorway.
  • Dealing with a vehicle breakdown.
  • Drivers fatigue.
  • Planning your journey.

You can find some useful information about driving on the motorways at nationalhighways.co.uk/road-safety/driving-on-motorways/

Getting started driving on motorways

To speak with us to learn more about driving an automatic car on the motorways, or to booking a lesson with an instructor, please contact us here in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.