These are popular driving lessons questions that we frequently get asked at SD Automatic Driving School in Sheffield.

How many driving lessons will I need to pass in an automatic car?

Generally, people need less automatic driving lessons to pass compared to manual lessons. Overall on average we recommend 40 hours of tuition to get to a good safe standard for the driving test in Sheffield.

How much do automatic car lessons cost?

We have various types of driving lessons in an automatic car. Prices start from £35 per hour which is very competitive around Sheffield. See all our lesson prices here.

Which days and time do you give lessons?

We provide automatic lessons on mornings, afternoons and evenings 7 days per week. You can start your lessons or finish them at your home. work, college or university in Sheffield.

How many lessons should I take each week?

How frequently you have driving lessons is entirely your choose. However we recommend 2 hours each week of you are wanting to learn at an easy manageable pace.

Do I need to pass the theory test before starting lessons?

No, you can start to drive before you pass your driving theory test. Learning the theory whilst driving can help you to understand how to apply what you have learnt practically on the roads which can help you when your ready to book a theory test.

What age can I start my automatic driving lessons?

You can start at 17 years of age normally. If you are registered as someone who is disabled you could start at 16 years of age. Our beginner automatic driving lessons offer a superb way to get started and learn the key skills of driving.

Will I drive the instructors car on my first session as a beginner?

Yes, on your first hour you’ll be in the drivers seat getting the car moving doing simple moving off, stopping and steering.

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