When you take your driving theory test in Sheffield, South Yorkshire it will consist of two parts. The first part is the driving theory questions, and the second part is the hazard perception test.

To book a driving test you’ll first have to pass both parts of the theory test.

Driving Theory Questions

These are 50 multiple choice theory questions in total. 5 of these questions are based on a video case study. The questions you’ll get are all related to driving a car in a safe and responsible way. The pass mark for this part is 43 out of a possible 50.

Hazard Perception Test

Watched on a computer monitor these are 14 driving video clips which last for one minute each. 13 clips will contain one major hazard which develop and one the clips will have two developing hazards shown on roads. For each hazard that you see and respond correctly to you can score up to 5 points. You’ll be able to respond to these hazards by clicking a mouse. The pass mark for this part is 44 out of a possible 75.

After the theory test

You’ll get your result at the theory test centre after your test. If you are successful you’ll receive a letter which has a pass certificate number on it which will be valid for 2 years from the date that you pass your theory test. You’ll need this number to book a practical car test.

Where you can take your driving theory test in Sheffield

You can take this test at the driving theory test centre located in Sheffield. The address is :

Sheffield Driving Theory Test Centre
Seventh Floor, St James House
Vicar Lane
South Yorkshire
S1 2EX

How much does the theory test cost and how can I book it?

The cost of taking your theory test is currently £25. You can book your theory test online at www.gov.uk/book-theory-test.

How we can help you to pass your driving theory

SD Automatic Driving School gives theory test training to learner drivers on a one to one basis in the car or at any suitable place. We have all the latest questions and hazard perception videos for practice. Let’s together get your theory test passed.