When you’re up to a test standard, you can book your driving test with guidance from your driving instructor.

When you take your practical driving test in Sheffield a DVSA driving examiner will assess how you drive. They’ll be looking for a good safe standards of car driving skills whilst showing a good understanding of applying the Highway Code practically. This test will last for up to approximately 40 minutes.

What happens on a driving test?

At the start of your driving test you’ll have to pass an eyesight check. You’ll be asked to read a number plate from a distance of at least 20.5 metres as a legal requirement. You must be successful with this otherwise your test will be terminated. You can wear glasses or contact lenses to read the number plate. However, you must drive wearing them as good eyesight is essential for safe driving.

Show me, tell me

Before you drive, you’ll be asked a tell me question as a basic car safety check. During the drive you’ll be asked a show me question on how to use a basic car control. See the full set of DVSA Show Me, Tell Me Questions.

Main Driving Section

On this part you’ll be given directions from the examiner and asked to follow a sat nav or a series of road signs at some point during the test. You’ll be assess on how you drive on various types of roads and traffic conditions. The test also includes :-

  • One reversing manoeuvre
  • Maybe an emergency stop

How to pass your driving test in Sheffield, South Yorkshire?

To pass your test you just need make no more than 15 driving faults and make zero major or dangerous faults. With good safe training from your automatic driving instructor you’ll be well prepared for taking a test.

When you finish the test the examiner will give you a result and a debrief. If you are successful you’ll receive a driving test pass certificate and offer to handle to process of changing your provisional licence to a full driving licence.

In Sheffield there are two driving test centres. You can see the address for these below.

Sheffield Middlewood Driving Test Centre
508 Middlewood Road,
South Yorkshire,
S6 1TQ

Sheffield Handsworth Driving Test Centre
Ongreave Way,
South Yorkshire,
S13 9LT

For addition guidance and advice about taking the practical car test in Sheffield, contact our team of helpful automatic instructors.