We have a beginners course for new drivers which teaches them the basic for driving automatic cars. These lessons are for people who haven’t driven a car before.

Beginner Driving Course in Sheffield in an Automatic Car

All our new starter courses are adaptable and can suit your unique style of learning. We’ll cover the following plus much more.

  • The car controls in an automatic car.
  • How to move off and make normal stops with automatic transmission.
  • How to steer the car.
  • Simple left and right turns.
  • Emerging at T-junctions
  • Using the mirrors when driving.
  • The MSM routine.

We’ll aim to get you driving on your first hour in the drivers seat. Initially, we’ll choose a quiet place in Sheffield where you can learn the basic skills and build up your confidence.

Once you’ve developed the basic skills and understanding of automatic car driving on quiet roads around Sheffield, you’ll then move onto slightly busier traffic situations. We you’re ready, your instructor can show you how to deal with main roads, traffic lights, roundabouts, busier junctions, building up speed, dual carriageways and other types of roads.

You’ll also learn about the importance of good planning well ahead, anticipation and awareness as a driver.

We aim to give you the skills to be a safe driver and to keep all other road users safe. Our standards go well above the standards needed to pass your test. Once you’ve reached a consistent driving test standard we’ll give you mock test to get you very well prepared for a pass.

If you are confident and looking for a fast way to learn you can take an automatic car intensive course from us. Speak with us an will give you information and guidance regarding this.

Here at SD Automatic Driving School in Sheffield we’ll get you on the road to an impressive pass.