Specialist instructors for intensive driving courses in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. If you are looking to pass your driving test quickly rather than at a steady pace by just taking one or two driving lessons each week, we are able to help you. Above all, we’ll assist in making your a great automatic car driver in a short time.

These intensive driving lessons are suitable for most learner drivers and very popular with people who simply haven’t the time or availability to learn to drive an automatic car in Sheffield on the weekly basis.

why start a Sheffield intensive driving course?

To begin with you can learn to drive a quicker way with a course of fast pass condensed lessons. Your intensive driving course in Sheffield will normally last for between 5 days to 6 weeks.

You can choose from a 10 to 40 hour course and these tailored package are excellent for those looking to learn to drive at a quicker rate for passing the driving test sooner.

How quickly can I pass with intensive driving lessons?

Planned effective automatic car intensive driving courses for impressive rapid results. On each day you can take between 2 and 4 hours of practical training in the car. Tailored courses are adaptable to suit your needs and availability. Why take months or over a year learn when you can pass in days or weeks. Typical courses last for just 1 to 3 weeks.

course prices

Courses HoursCost
40 Hour Intensive Course£1480
30 Hour Intensive Course £1110
20 Hour Intensive Course £740
10 Hour Intensive Course £444

Course require an initial deposit of £150. The remaining balance will need to be paid 5 days before the start date of the intensive course. Your first driving test fee is included within the prices. We’re happy to arrange everything including booking your test for you.

Your training will take place with the same driving instructor for the duration of the course. You will learn to drive on a one to one basis with dedicated structured instruction.

One week driving course

For confident learner drivers who have already had a good amount of lessons previously, a one week driving course in Sheffield makes an ideal option if you want to pass in a really short time.